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insulation surface for inground indoor pool

insulation surface for inground indoor pool


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insulation surface for inground indoor pool

I bought this home last summer and have been busy updating everything including the pool heater and the HVAC system for the indoor pool. The pool is about 25, 000 gallons and seems to cool of fairly quickly after running the 400K btu heater for up to 8 hours at a time. I haven't seen the gas bill yet but it can be pretty. My pool is concrete and I figure it has to be loosing heat into the ground. I keep the pool covered with a bubble wrap type of cover so it cant be loosing that much heat from the surface. I also run a 25K btu infra red heater from the ceiling. Do I need to re-surface the pool with some sort of insulative material? is there such a thing? I remember seeing something online about a fiberglass material but it looked very expensive.
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several unknowns here, .....

1. what is the temp of the water when you turn on the heater

2. what temperature are you heating the water to

3. how accurate is your thermometer

4. how long is it uncovered & how often

5. it the windows / vents open during that time

6. what do you do for humidity

I personally do not know of any coating that could be applied to the surface that would reduce heat dissapation, and I personally do not like fiberglass coatings or pools for various reasons, thats entirely another topic.
most concrete pools, regardless if they are gunite / shotcrete or hand packed are a minimum of 6 to 8 inches thick and hold themperature very well,
what people in our area that keep there pools heated year round do , is to keep it around 78 and then crank up the heat to the desired temperature for swimming say 82 instead of turning on the heater and bringing the temp up from say 50

another factor is the heater itself, if your heater is not one of the higher efficiency models now available, apx. 84 % efficiency , and or even 95 % efficiency it may be that its just cranking away and not really doing much in relation to gas used. it also may need a tune up to get the best possible performance its capable of, short of buying a new heater.

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There is no insulation material like your asking about. You're doing the right thing by keeping solar blanket over pool when not in use. You can also insulate plumbing outdoors going in and out of heater. You should also keep the pool at a constant temp and not turn heater off when not in use. It works longer and burns more gas heating water from low temp rather than maintaining a constant temp. The only other thing is to update heater to more efficient one.

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