Pentair Minimax cycles on/off


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Pentair Minimax cycles on/off

I have an older Pentair Minimax 400 with electronic ignition. Last summer the heater would cycle on for about 15 seconds and then off when temperature was close to the high setting. A few minutes later it would repeat but it never gets hot. The Pressure light is on and the Hi-Limit does not come on. Looking for a couple of places to start looking this spring. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sounds like a venting issue, clean out the entire exhaust including fan. Also could be your heat echanger needs to be cleaned. If you're comfortable doing it, take top apart and spray out heat exchanger, could have sooted up or mouse nests. I'm assumng all burners look good when it does light???
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it can be several thinga, however the # 1 thing to look at it the power element on the water by-pass, it works like a thermistat in an automobile, TURN THE PUMP OFF

facing the heater the headers [ water inlet / return ] will be on the right hand side, unless someone " reversed the headers "

remove the place above the headers, apx. 12 " x 12 " you will the be able to remove the 2 5/16" s s bolts no nothing will jump out, the oval head flange will come out the rubber gasket can be re-used try not to bugger it up, put a mark on where up is as it will only fit one way but can be a bummer trying to replace it upside down, when the unit is removed there is a round " bulb " screwed in the end it will probably be pretty obivious its bad, if your in doubt take the whole part to your pool store, before leaving, make sure the pump will not turn on , turning the breaker off is one way, removing the on tripper from the time clock is another way, if you have automated controls, such as jandy or compool, turn the breaker off

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Thanks for the information. Both ideas sound logical and probably need attention. In reply to the question about the flame, yes all burners look good. Soon as the ice melts I will check things out. Again, thanks for the input.

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