resin vs all metal swimming pools?


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resin vs all metal swimming pools?

Gettin ready to buy a 15x30 above ground and unsure which is better. Salesmen says resin is better, but sis and others with all metal say they've never had a problem. Any advice?
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I never heard of a resin pool. Is it still a vinyl lining? My vinyl lining is about 12 years old. The metal is at least 25 and has been moved once, hence the new lining.
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The choice falls back on the old saying "you get what you pay for" There are different qualities of metal pools, the warranty reflects it. Resin is typically higher but much less to rust.
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Salesmen says resin is better
Have only worked on metal above ground pools so cant say yes or no here.
Now when they say resin . That would be like a boat so Id say it should last and last. BUT it could also get osmosis like a boat and be a big job to fix. As bad as rust with the metal.

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