Pilot Not Staying Lit

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Pilot Not Staying Lit

Hey, nice forum. I just stumbled across it and can't wait to post my questions and answers I may have since I can fix almost anything but water heaters...

My problem is a EG250 Laars Teledyne spa heater's pilot won't stay lit. The pilot will fire up, heat the generator/thermocouple to plenty of millivolts (800) but every time I let off the starter button, the pilot goes out. I've already replaced the generator because it was the most obvious and cheapest, and retested and the pilot won't stay on. I'm thinking about replacing the gas valve assembly, but figure I need to test the high temp sensor as well as the thermostat to ensure signals aren't getting cut somewhere in the loop. I figure they all need to be working for the gas to kick on, but since the pilot won't stay lit, I thought the prob. is with the valve assembly and not anything else. (If the sensors were shot the pilot should still stay lit but the main burner wouldn't light right? ) Any insight any of you may have would be so helpful. I hate paying fix it people and I like fixing things myself. Any ideas on what to check for and how to check?
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You are correct, if you are getting 800mv from pilot generator then it is your gas valve, would not be any sensors in safety loop as you have not got that far for the heater to ignite. If pilot goes out when you release button, the valve is not sensing the mv and shutting down.
Good luck & welcome to the forum...
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sometimes those old m.v. gas valves can get a little quirky,
while holding the pilot button down and with the pilot lit and reading 500 plus m.v. slightly rotate the knob towards the on position & then raise & rotate the complete turn to the on position, if the pilot stays on fine, if not once the pilot is lit hold a torch to the thermo couple at the pilot and then rotate the knob to on, note: you dont have to hold the torch there long, if neither of these work , trouble shoot the wiring through all your switches, hi limits [ 2 ] psi switch , toggle switch, t. stat. you should see no apreciable resistance, if so replace that portion of wire & or the switch itself, if everything checks out ok, then yes you will have to replace the gas valve.


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