Low Ph


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Low Ph

The water in my hot tub is consistently testing at high ph and low chlorine. I have been putting in the appropriate chemicals but cannot get the ph to come down or the chlorine to come up. Any ideas?
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first off, give us some input as is this a wooden tub refered to as a hot tub , or is it a spa as either above ground or inground what is the surface made of plastic as in fiberglass, or acryallic, rovel or concrete, with plaster, are there any waterfeatures as in waterfalls ? do you have algae growing, what is your conditioner level ? and when you say your ph is high what is high ? the number reading is what we need such as chlorine 0.5 ? 1.0 ? ph 7.2 ? 7.5 ? 8.0 ?
are your test reageants good, , how old are they ? ?

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