Problem with Compool 3800 Control


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Problem with Compool 3800 Control

I have a 10 year old pool running a Compool 3800 control system. It is controlling a pool / spa setup with gas and solar heating and a salt / chlorine generator.
I started to receive error messages on my indoor control panel. Usually err1 which indicated a bad water temperature sensor. I also get temp readings that say the water is something like 98 degrees when its really 70. I couldn't get the recalibration process from the control panel to work.
So, I replaced the temperature sensor. Nothing has changed.
The pool continues to run otherwise, but the temperature readings remain messed up. If the controller can't get a good temperature reading, it won't send the water into my solar system to heat it.
If its not the sensor, does anyone have any ideas?
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first off you diagnosed error 1 as being the water temperature sensor, the correct temp sen. part # is TS-5L
red & green wires , this sensor is used also for the solar & air temp.

make sure they are connected to the correct inputs on your circuit board, & the red wire connects to red & the green wire connects to green,

you need a fairly acurate thermometer your local hardward should have a economical digital one around $15.00 ususlly has a long wire with a probe for outside temperature.

place the probe in your skimmer & allow your system to run for at least 5 minutes, the outside temp [ in the shade ] will be displayed on the second thermometer read out [ should say inside ]

write these readings down , calibrate as follows.......

behind the right hand cover press the program key P
next .... behind the left side cover press the SPA HEAT SOURCE KEY ... this is your pool temp if it is not the same as the probe in your skimmer , change it up or down using the SPA TEMP UP DOWN ARROWS

again press the spa heat source button , this is your solar temperature, [ add 15 to the outside temperature ]
and again using the spa temperature arrows raise or lower to match.

press the spa heat source button again this is your air temperature , again use the spa temperature arrows raise or lower to match the outside temp

last press the program key to exit

remember to place your pool temperature key in solar only or solar priority , or your solar will never turn on

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Great Info

Thanks so much for your time and help. I will confirm all the steps and re check all my connections. I will report back my findings, hopefully today.
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Compool Cp 3800 Err !1Code

I am getting this code, which I believe is a temperature sensor code, however the system is not running. Should the pump continue to work with the error code active?

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