Insulate an above-ground pool?


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Insulate an above-ground pool?

I have one of those above-ground pools, Intek, I think. It's only 30 inches deep, 12 ft round.

Can I take insulation, wrap it in plastic and wrap it around the pool? My pool water cools off pretty fast, even with a solar cover. I was thinking that putting insulation around the walls would help. I'm thinking that I will cut the ends out of trashbags, tape them together to create one giant cylinder, then insert a batt of insulation.

Would encasing the insulation in plastic prevent it from working? Does insulation need to breathe? Pool heaters seem pointless since the heat transfers out so quickly.

I'm considering a couple options. That "green" insulation that is usually blown in or even taping plastic to the pool, then layering on the foam insulation that hardens. I wonder if bags of packing peanuts would work. Or a few layers of bubble wrap. My solar cover is basically heavier plastic bubble wrap.

Or if anyone has any other ideas, I would appreciate it. The more creative, the least expensive and the most eco-friendly, the better.

Thanks in advance,
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Red face Above ground pool insulation

I am in the UK and COLD! I to would love to know more about this post....Please, can anyone help?

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