Blown out circuit board


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Blown out circuit board

I'm in the process of installing an electronic chlorine generator for my inground pool.
The system is an AquaRite (GoldlineControls) and the electronic control panel comes wired from the factory with the configuration jumpers in the 240VAC position.
The installation instructions state to move/reposition the jumpers to the position noted in the owners manual diagram (I did that and triple checked my work). Note: System was grounded by control panel bonding lug to pool bonding system. Next, it states to connect the control panel to the LOAD SIDE of the filter/pump timer. Again, I did that and triple checked my work. However, when I switched the breaker to on position and threw the timer switch to "on" position the control panel circuit board shorted out. What's happening here?????
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Did you hook it up to a 240 volt supply? You said you moved some jumpers, so I was wondering. I know you said you double checked your wiring, but humor us and tell us what wire you hooked to which terminal on the timer. Is the timer a 240 volt timer? Fill us in on wire colors and where they come from and where they go so we can help you.
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How many breakers do you need to turn off to turn the pool filter/pump off? Maybe your poll filter is 240 volts?
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i'm curious about is it your breaker that just trips out or did the control panel actually grenade on you?
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Melted connector between board and cell

Something got hot on the connector where my salt cell plugs into the circuit board. The heat melted the connectors together. I finally managed to pry them apart, but there's some serious damage to the 10-pin connector on the circuit board, and the cell connector is fried, as well.

I'm pretty sure I can jury-rig a solution to get this back working again, but I'm wondering if anyone knows the specification or the part number for the 10-pin connector on the circuit board. I would like to unsolder that connector and replace it with a new one. The damaged cell connector will be replaced when I replace the cell in a couple of years, so that's no big deal.

Does anyone know the part number or specification for the white 10-pin connector that the salt cell plugs into?

Thanks for your help!
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Not really the best place for this post. It should be in the pools and spas section. Your problem is completely different than this thread.

You may not only have damaged connectors but a damaged control board too. Connectors don't just get hot for no reason.

Did the varistor burn up in your unit ? With an exact model number I might be able to find the connector. The board number would also be ok instead.

A good thread on the Aquarite unit.
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Not really the best place for this post. It should be in the pools and spas section.
Thread has been moved.

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