Teledyne Laars Series 1 problems


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Teledyne Laars Series 1 problems

I have a Teledyne Laars Series 1 pool & Spa heater. I was having problems with it starting up so i opened it up to take a look.

The Pilot Tubing was corroded and it had holes in it.

So i replaced the Pilot tubing, Ceramic Insulator Assembly, and the Pilot Burner.

I then tried to heat the pool and it still would not start up. I hear the clicking sound from the pilot trying to start the burners but no luck. I then turned the thermostat knob on and off over and over again to see if i could get it to fire up and it worked. But after about 5 mins the heater turns off and i can hear the clicking again from the pilot assembly trying to restart it but it will not ignite.

I read a different post from a person that had a problem like me so I got out the multimeter to check if i had the proper power coming from the transformer like they said over there. I have 27 vac from the transformer all the way to the thermostat.

So can you please let me know if 27 vac is right and if it is what the problem could be?

Here is the link to the other post i was referring to.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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Turnig your knob was coincidental that it lit then. It sounds like your assembly was not replaced properly. If there is too big a gap between pilot and ignitor it will have trouble. I would check it, make sure everything is where needs to be. As for shutting of after lighting, it can be caused by the flame sensor which leads me to believe it was not replaced properly. Heater might also need a good cleaning (heat exchanger) take top off and look inside, shop vac and water hose workes great.
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sometimes when you replace the pilot assy. the very small insert inside the pilot falls out, the only way you would know would be to remove the pilot assy, remove the pilot tubing and look up where the pilot tubing was connected the insert has 3 slits in it looking up into the pilot assy you should see it, if not you will need to find it , it may be on the ground at the heater, at any rate if you can't find it you will have to either buy a new one or hopefully the old pilot still has the one that was in it,

without it the pilot will not light, if the pilot does light check to see if you have 27 / 28 vac at the gas valve, [ main gas ] not pilot if the pilot is lit , & you have voltage at the gas valve then the valve is faulty. if the pilot is lit but no voltage at the mv terminal either the wire is faulty or the ignition control is bad,

be sure as all the different components are expensive, in my opinion worth the cost of having a technician check it out

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Smile It's fixed. thank you

Thank you both very much for the fast reply.

It was the small insert. The old assembly was rusted and I could not get it undone so I never saw it. The new insert I received with the starter assembly fell out when I opened it and I did not see that it luckily fell into my tool box. After I read the post I checked where I opened it at and there it was.

I installed it and its working fine.

Again thank you both very much for all your help.

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