Hayward Pool Heater Therostat R&r


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Cool Hayward Pool Heater Therostat R&r

I need to replace the thermostat on my above ground hayward "H" series Induced Draft Pool Heater.
The existing thermo sprung a leak @ the point where the sensor probe inserts into the water return area.
I'm not sure how the new sensor is held in place at the heater water flow area. There are not any threads & it appears as if the probe is just stuck into the hole.
Do I use plumbers putty, or something of that type?
The water pressure leads me to believe seems it wouldn't hold. No directions came with the new thermo & I'm at a loss.
Any help "Please"
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Have you checked Hayward Heaters web site? I beleive that there are options for owners manual down loads. And there are parts list.
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H100ID1 themostat

I am having the same issue with my thermostat leaking. The thermostat is being held in place by a brass clip shaped like an upside down "V" and chaulk. I've chaulked mine 3 times and it is still leaking a little bit. Have you received any responses on the type of chaulk to use? I can't find any information on this. Thanks!!
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I havn't heard about the caulk, untill now.
I had heard of the clip from Hayward. I ordered a new t-stat & I'll see if it comes with any info. I hope so, for $75.00.
If i get any more info, I'll let ya know.
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Gentlemen, The two heaters described in this thread have one thing in commen.... They are Leaking water from the thermostat "DRY" well.

The copper/brass clip secures the bulb to the side of the well and allows for a tighter fitting contact area, giving you a more stable heat transfer to minimise fluctuations.

The Caulk is simply a silicone to "hold" the sensor from getting dislodged during shipping. Some manufacturers will use more or less on certain models to keep any "transient" heat from the unit's normal operating temperatures from causing faultly readings.

There should never be any water coming from these DRY wells.. I'm sorry, sounds like you will most likely be dealing with a more expensive repair

Best of luck
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Thank You for the info.
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I have the exact same problem with the same Haywood heater.
Not sure I understand Poolspapro's response about a dry well.
The probe is inserted in a hole on the top side of the water intake pipe. Water is leaking up through the hole around the plug/probe.

Is the area within the pipe supposed to be an isolated well? looks like the probe just sits through the hole in the pipe...

I appreciate any advice....
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Cool JosephGeo

I recieved my new t-stat & some type of clip for it.
Anyone wishing photos to see what I got, drop me an e-mail at [email protected]

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