Pool pump noise reduction

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Pool pump noise reduction

What is the best method for insulating / reducing pool pump / motor noise??

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Generally a pool pump can have noise issues in three categories:

Harmonic (Vibration)
Mechanical (Bearing)
Cavitations (Impeller, Low Suction with Water Flow)<O</O

The most common noise in a perfectly working pump is harmonic, and this can be an issue that escalates when the equipment pad it resides on is poured to the outside wall of your home. The Harmonic sound is transferred into your living space! Sometimes this problem never goes away even with a “pad” under the pump motor frame (where it sets on slab) I’ve seen people stuff almost anything under a pump to stop it.. But my personal preference, and a cheap one at that, is a simple rubber/ silicone pad.. These can be found in many forms but I like the non skid drawer liners or even table place mats. These aren’t the hard ones but made of many small “balls” easy to trim and double up under the pump if needed… (Old mouse pads work too)

Mechanical noises of course, has only one solution, Get It Fixed.

Cavitating is caused when a pump isn’t moving the required water through the Impeller. This can be caused by a few things, Pool vacuum not adjusted correctly, Debris in the basket or in the Impeller itself (got dogs?) Any other blockage, in the skimmer or maybe a valve is improperly adjusted.

Don’t know which noise complaint you had so just listed these for you. Also never try to insulate the motor by boxing it in something.. They need to have air to dissipate heat and you will dramatically reduce its life!

Hope this Helps you,

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i agree with poolspapro,

some other factors, too high hp pump for your system,
brand , model of pump , [ yes some are more noisy than others]

if you can take a picture or two of your equipment and tell us what manufacture, model, of pump size of filter, size of piping , the pictures may show all this.


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