New pool, need mtce tips


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Question New pool, need mtce tips

OK I got the pool installed and a week and half later we finnaly got the filter running. ( small traces of green)

I figured out I have 3,253 gallons of water (12' round).

I need to shock the pool. The package says it has no chlorine in the shock. can I add chlorine at the same time?

How long should I run the filter?

How critical is the measurements of chlorine and chemicals? do I have to be exact to the smallest increment or can it be "close"?

Thanks in advance

Dan NJ
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Close is ok, but keep ph pretty close. I would use a 1/2 lb of chlorine shock to kill algea and bacteria(you'll see BIG difference within 4 hours). Make sure you have chlorine tabs in pool by floater or auto chlorinator. After 2 days add the other 1/2 lb shock. Run the filter constantly while clearing up, after clear it is ok to run 12 hrs a day during the sunny part of day.

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