clarity of my pool water


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clarity of my pool water

Hey I was wondering, I have it seems clear water on about half way down but can't see the bottom. ph and chl and alk seem to be good can my test strips be bad?
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test strips are very supsceptable to heat, cold, age. They should be replaced every year, kept inside out of heat and cold. If pool is just cloudy and water is balanced, it needs to filter. Let filter and backwash regularly. You could also use a flocculant which will bond all the small particules and drop to bottom of pool then you can vac on waste.
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Shock it again

I had the same problem as you are describing. I raised chlorine levels up until all the algae was dead. Took about a week, with the pump constantly running. It eventually settled to the bottom of the pool and i vacuumed and backwashed the filter, and then rinsed the multi-port valve. Now water is crystal clear. I was told that if i kept it at shock level over a 24 hour period it would kill all algae. Hope that helps.
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used to have that problem until we switched to baquacil.

baquacil is a lil more expensive, but you will use much less.

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