Cloudy water, any advice?


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Question Cloudy water, any advice?

I am a newbie looking for some assistance, please.

We have a 24'AG pool, and I cannot seem to clear up my water. Our readings are-

Chlorine > 5 ppm (been adding bleach to shock, color of test water is dark yellow/orange)

T Alk- 110 ppm

Ph- 7.0 ppm

The water seemed to have green tint yesterday. Looks less green, but still cloudy today. Been running the pump 24/7 for 2 days. We have a cartridge filter.

I don't even know if I am on the right path with clearing this up...I have used Baking Soda to raise Ph and chlorine daily.
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so far you are doing all the right things, your ph is still too low, however the bi-carbonate of soda will raise the ph and also the alkalinity, i would suggest 2 things

1 if you havn't cleaned your cartride elemente in your filter , please do.

2. after cleaning add the correct amount of clearifier, this is is an ageant that will help in removing the small particules, there are many different brands, applied biochemists makes one called cleartrine, your local pool stor may suggest another brand they all should work just fine, keep running the filter as you have been until your water clears.

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Thank You

Thank You very much for you advice. We did clean our cartridge, so I will head to pool store to pick up clarfier. I appreciate your help.
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Depending on the size of your filter and the condition of your water, you might need to clean filter daily till water is clear.
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Got home from school (aka work) and found that although a bit cloudy I could see the bottom. All levels fine, so considering it was about 102 degrees, I let my kids swim. So far they haven't turned green or developed a rash.....

Thanks everyone for yor help....
My plan is to add clarifier, watch my levels, clean my cartridge and keep my filter running.

I would appreciate any suggestions since I am a newbie and I am trying to adhere the the BBB method.

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