Upgrading pump/adding SWG


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Upgrading pump/adding SWG

We just got one of those round intex-type frame set pools - 15' x 48" (4440 gal). I want to make it as low maintenance as I can without spending a fortune.

The pump that came with it handles 1000gal/hr (no HP given that I could find). I am looking to add a saltwater generator & upgrade the pump because of all the complaints that I have seen. Intex offers a SWG/pump combo. That pump handles 2000gal/hr.

OR I could upgrade to a 2500gal/hr pump OR EVEN a 4000gal/hr pump (though someone mentioned a possible suction danger created by that one on a smaller pool) and buy a separate Intex SWG (or Chlorease Ultra) to add on.

Then today I was looking at a Robo-Kleen & wondering if that would be worth doing because I figure I will probably need to get a decent pool vac too & that thing sounds like it would serve as both vac & supplement to the pool filter.

But someone on this site said Robo-Kleen has a poor repair record so maybe I should just get a Polaris turboturtle or 65 or something.

This stuff is making me nuts - can someone help me with their experience or advice so that I don't waste anymore time & money than I just have to?
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A intex pool has 1 suction and 1 return line, these will only allow a certain amount of water flow through. So when you say the pump is rated to pump 400gal/hr the plumbing may not allow it. Robo kleen is a good way to go to make your pool low maintenance, it will vac and filter water. They did have problems years ago but should be ok now. Salt system will keep you from having to add chlorine via floater. The salted water is pleasant and will save money in long run.
Hope this helps, good luck...
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Pool Lines

Thanks! It has been a while, but I believe I read that people were trimming the pool's openings for their lines to accomodate 1&1/2 or even 2 inch lines to replace the ones that came with the pool. I am so ignorant about this stuff though, I may be mis-remembering - does that sound reasonable? Any idea where I can find info about the line size needed per a pump's capacity?

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