Robo-Kleen pool cleaner


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Robo-Kleen pool cleaner

I have a robo-kleen above ground pool cleaner, and to date it has been great. Recently though it has started acting up. It is supposed to run for approximately 3 hours, and it now usually cuts out after 5 or 10 minutes. Does anyboby know anything about these units and if there is something I can do?
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I have a Robo Kleen -- we purchased it two summer ago. The first summer it worked fine without any problems. Last summer, the first time that I went to use it it wouldn't start. I thought that it might be the fuse (which you need to order on-line because it is so specialized that it is not sold in stores), but after changing that, it still wouldn't start. I do live close to Smart Pools, the company that makes/distributes the Robo Kleen, so I took it to them. After 2 weeks, they called to say that it was main drive mechanism and that it needed to be replaced. Of course it was no longer under warranty (a one year warranty is probably a red flag), so it cost me almost $100 to have it fixed. This year, I used it twice and when I went to use it a couple of weeks ago, the same thing happened! I am NOT happy with this product --it seems as if they have a plan to make money on costly repairs. I am currently researching other vacuums, and have come across many people who have had the experiences that we have with this product. It appears that the bottom line is -- it is not worth it to purchase one. I hope that this can be of some help to you. Good luck!

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