Flies, Bees, committing pool suicide


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Flies, Bees, committing pool suicide

Can anyone tell me why i have so many flies and bees and everything else crashing into my pool?

i've had to take out a good 50 flying pests everyday for over a week and a half now. i cant understand why?

while i admit my chemicals arent excactly where they need to be, due to the torrential downpours we've had here on the east coast lately, i cant seem to figure out what is the deal?
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They must be thirsty.... Seriously, do you have a light at night that they may be attracted to? This is a new for me...
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Do you have trees and bushes around your pool? The reason I ask is because I used to have a pool (above ground) with lots of trees around and I always had the same problem. Always thought this was normal, but maybe it was the trees?
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Some bugs are attracted to lights, and minimizing night lighting and lighting around pool can keep bug problems at bay. Most often bugs are attracted to pools because they seek food, shelter, and a place to lay eggs. This is a natural attraction. It's not unusual to see a layer of springtails in the pool. It's not unusual to see scorpions in and around pools. Because some bugs are attracted to light, they will be attracted to shiny surfaces. Flies, deer flies, and others that are attracted to light can be attracted to a unlighted pool simply because water is shiny.

If pH and chlorine levels are properly maintained, then bugs are usually quickly killed off. Finding bugs and removing them is just part of pool maintenance. Do not be surprised if you find the occasional frog, salamander, or other stranger who is attrcted to water in your pool. Some report snakes, ducks, geese, and other wildlife neighbors in pools.
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Bug Pool-I-Cide

Thanks for the funny replies everyone.
while i do have a light at the pool which i do not leave on at nite unless we are in the pool, and i have no trees whatsoever around the pool, i guess this is one for the birds!

the light attraction might be the best bet in figuring out the reason for their demise! lol

thanks lot folks, enjoy the summer,

as for me, i gotta to fish out some more pest now.
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moonlight reflecting off the pool surface?
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Try spraying Durasban or some type of strong pesticide all around your residence. Just dont get it in pool. It will probably make the whole outside experience better for everyone. Do it a couple times a month if possible.

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