solar cover and reel position


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solar cover and reel position

I just purchased a new solar blanket with hopes on saving money with propane. Hubby and I installed it on a reel. Everything seemed to go very smooth until we tried to roll it out on the pool. We did it so the reel goes across middle of the pool and i think that was the mistake as it does not roll out the way i thought it would. It seems to get stuck together underneath. Did we attatch it in the wrong area. We have an 18 by 36 kidney with stairs at one end and a diving board at the other. What is the ideal position for attatching blanket to reel.
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the reel was meant to be on either end of the pool, being that its a kidney shape , its going to present problems that a rectangle or square or round wouldn't,

i would attatch the cover at the widest end trying to center it on the reel, you may have to fold over any part that extends out past the reel , if it poses a problem , ideally you would like the cover to remain flat on the reel
hopefully this will make sense to you ?


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