What do I need?


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Exclamation What do I need?


My father has an in-ground pool that measures approximately 30 feet by 20 feet, with about 3 feet in the shallow end, and about 8 feet at the deep end. The pool is under many trees and therefore receives many leaves in the fall season. This year will be the first time we will open it up and we are amateurs at the knowledge of opening a pool. Currently, I don't know what kind of filter we have in the pool house, but I do partially understand the back-washing cycles. From what I could estimate online, I have approximately 40,000 gallons of water in the pool. My questions are, what all products (cleaning supplies) do we need to get the pool ready for swimming. The pool water currently is green with a good bit of dirt particles settled at the bottom mostly. How much shock, where to get it, what other supplies are needed?

Thank you!

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First step will be find our what kind of filter you have and clean it. If the pool's pretty dirty, plan on cleaning or backwashing the filter a LOT until things get cleaned up.

Here's some basic pool info:


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Thank Tow Guy,

Can you please look at this link and see if you think this is a good kit for a good price? I compared similar amounts of similar products through Lowes, and it looks like I could save over 15 dollars by buying this online, and plus they will ship it overnight for free. Thanks

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Get the Pool up and running first then worry about chemicals etc...
Once you get it running, I would Vacuum the pool to Waste a couple of times even if you cant see the bottom. Keep the pool water level up while you are doing this. I usually can clear a Pool that looks like a Swamp in three days without any settling agents oir chemicals. I dont like to watch good pool chemicals go right out the backwash line until necessary. Then after doing all the cleaning you can begin to add chemicals to get the Total Alkalinity and PH close and then BLAST it with Chlorine!!! Dont "tease" it with a couple pounds, Hit it with about 3# per 10K and get your chlorine tabs going too!! Keep it filtering and watch pressure. Hope this gets you going!!
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That kit is Horrible, Dont waste your money!! It doesnt even have Chlorine in it!!! It has a Monopersulfate non chlorine shock and a Cheap Algaecide!! Get a 25# Shock 65% Cal-Hypo and a 25# 99% Trichloro Tablets. Get some PH and Alkalinty adjusters and thats it for now
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Thank you, I didn't end up buying the kit, but I appreciate the information. I'm more than halfway done so I'm hoping the rest will still go well. Your information was helpful, thanks!
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First off, go buy a 5 (or 6) way test kit from walmart and see if there's any CYA in the pool. CYA or cyuranic acid (stabilizer)
is what makes the chlorinating pucks stable-which keeps the sun from burning away all the chlorine (sanitizer). If the pool has an automatic chlorinator and the CYA test shows 0-50 ppm, fill chlorinator and begin running pump once you've backwashed it. You can take the top off of the tank to see what media you have...prolly sand or DE type filter. If you have a cartridge filter, consider buying a DE or sand filter so you won't have to screw w/$$ cartridges. Sand is the easiest, just backwash, rinse and go.
Once you've established those few things, time to shock pool.
I always just used plain unscented bleach to shock pool. Using granular shock--or calcium hypochlorite, always leaves pool with milky calcium that's hard to get out.
Pour 3 -4 gal. of bleach in pool and keep running pump, vacuuming and backwashing or cleaning filter. You'll see an improvement in a few days. Go here and read as much as you can.... http://www.poolforum.com/pf2/index.php

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