teledyne larrs series one problem


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teledyne larrs series one problem

I have a teledyne larrs series one gas boiler and iam having problem s the pilot is alight but the burner willnot light it has been running ok until now ia gave it agood clean up and checked continuity on wiring and things seam ok any ideas?
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Please read here first to try and diagnose heater issues. Then if have questions please post.
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first, the simple thing.... backwash the filter, and see if that corrects the problem. Now if it didn't....

Older millivolt heaters (they use a standing pilot) can be very touchy, and it could just be a dirty wire connection. It could be ANYTHING from a dirty wire connection to a failing / switched off part in the heater. Start by checking the amount of voltage that is running through the heater. If it's below 350 millivolts, it's a weak pilot generator, and you'll get some intermittent operation from the unit. The test is easy to do. Get a multimeter, set it on 2 volts direct current ( DC ), and with the pilot lit, place the black and red leads from the multimeter onto the red and white leads from the pilot generator to where they are connected on the gas valve. Do this with the pilot on, but the heater turned to the "off" position. The reading should be above 350. If it is, then you most likely will have a failed part along the line.

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