Aqua Link Backlight out


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Aqua Link Backlight out

I have a 2 1/2 year old pool with the Jandy RS system. Starting this year the backlight on the RS panel in the house no longer comes on. End of last year it would come on but flickered. I can't beleive a LCD burnt out that quickly. Is there a easy fix or will I need a new control panel?
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may be loose / corroded connection , if you live close to the ocean or experience high humidity this may cause your problem, remove the control from the wall pull the connector off the back , it just pushes on there are 4 pins with red / black / yellow / green wires by pulling it off & pushing it back on you will be cleaning the contacts, also with a small fine blade screw driver loosen each terminal 1 / 2 turn & re tighten this will clean those connections
if the problem still exists go out to the panel by the equipment , and after removing the front panel do exactly the same thing, be careful , if you have the panel with breakers , when you remove the panel you will have high voltage staring you in the face, if you don't feel comfortable in that enviorment, don't go there.


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