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Unhappy Man over board

In dire need of help...

So my boyfriend and I are in the midst of building a wooden hot tub that is heated by a fire. We constructed the tub with wood and coated the inside with Elmer's fiberglass resin as well as siliconed all the corners.

Well when we did a test run today the tub started leaking from the bottom in several places (to our dismay after coating everything quite thoroughly).

So now we are leading towards plan B, which is to use a pond liner somehow.

Any ideas? Would this be a good solution? Would a pond liner be difficult to put on (our tub is rectangular)? Or are there other alternatives to salvage this project?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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There are alot of variables here. What kind of wood used? How was resin applied? What kind of reenforcement is used under and around outside of tub? Why did you use resin?
If using red wood which most are built with it will swell and seal leaks. You can use a liner, you can order a liner that will custom fit your tub. Good luck

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