Spa water - What am I doing wrong?


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Unhappy Spa water - What am I doing wrong?


I am new to hot tubs, but have enjoyed it emensley so far. I am running in to a little bit of an issue with water quality at the moment.

Less than a week after my second time refilling the tub I have cloudy water. The water becomes foamy with the aerators on. people have only been in a tub twice in the 5 days that it's been filled.

Initial chemicals were 4-6 ppm chlorine and a sanitizer, as well as enough Ph DOWN to get my Ph to 7.2 Alkalinity wasn't too bad, but a little on the high side.

Now, a week later, here are my readings:

Chlorine: 1-2ppm (after adding a self-dissolving packet)
Alkalinity: 210 ppm
Ph 8.2
Hardness 250ppm (calcium)

I'm not sure where to go from here as far as chemicals are concerned so here are my questions:

how do I get the Ph to stabilize without affecting Alkalinity (which seems ok - correct me if I'm wrong)
how do I clear up my water and make the foam go away? The tub really hasn't been used that much, can this be oils already? The Sanitizer is supposed to have an anti-foam agent.
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Your TA is twice what it should be;

Ideal Total Alkalinity: 80 - 120 ppm

The foam could be from residual laundry soap in the suits.
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Thanks for the response. I lowered the TA to 80ppm and the Ph fell right into place.

The foaming problem ceased on its' own, strangely enough.

I also used a product called "spa bright" to clean up the cloudiness. The water is now clear and sparkling.


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