Teledyne Laars LD400NB Lite2 Pool Heater


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Teledyne Laars LD400NB Lite2 Pool Heater

I am new to the board and I have had pools all my life.
My brother got flooded by hurricane IKE and his heater had a foot of water get into it. He got power back this last Saturday and we cleaned out the heater and let it dry. After draining and cleaning the pool on Sunday, we tried to turn the heater on. When we turned the heater on it glowed bright orange for two seconds and then popped. The light was comming from under the burners on the right side. It looked like it was the iginitor that burned up. There is one black wire that goes to this device. Any ideas of what this could be and where do you buy parts for heaters?
The pool was installed in 2000 or 2001.
Thanks for the help.
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Sounds like tghe ignitor was under water which is no good for them and when tried to ignite it blew. Replace ignitor, you can get parts from local pool stores or seach online...
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Thanks for your help, I found some diagrams on the web to help me out.
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don't be suprised if the gas valve needs to be replaced & depending on how wet / high the water actually got the thermistat may need replacing,.... all very expensive parts.

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Like Stevie said, if this is your only problem as a result of the flooding, you will be very lucky. Hopefully before you got to try to run it you cleaned out the burners.

If the gas control valve was under water, it's nothing more than a paper weight now. Don't even try to use it. For safety reasons it will need to be replaced. The other electronics of the heater don't like water either. If there was water in the ignition control, it will be toast.

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