Hot tub froze

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Hot tub froze

I have a 8' x 8' Hydro Spa hot tub that I had drained and put a new cover on it at the end of summer. The other day I opened the cover and discovered that the cover apparently did not keep out rainwater and the tub had about 6" of solid ice in the bottom.
Two discharges, the intake and the ozenator discharge were partially under the frozen area. I plan to open up the side cabnet and use a torpedo heater to thaw out what I can and disconnect the pumps and heater to prevent any further damage from occuring. Is there any tips or ideas of what else I will need to do in order to check or repair what might have been damaged?
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I just signed up for this sight & I saw your issue. The way to get all the water out of the spa is first you have to thaw out the tub. You need to take the side panel off & put a hair dryer inside the cabinet. Try to have it so it's not laying flat on its side (it could short itself out on its side) close the cabinet back up and let it run for a couple of days. When the spa is thawed you need to use a wet/dry vac to suck & blow the water out of each jet. Remove the filer and do the same there. After you get all the water out you need to get 3 to 4 gal. of R/V antifreeze (the pink stuff). Use a funnel to pour it into each jet. Pour some into the hole at the bottom of filter tank, use the wet/dry vac & blow antifreeze into the pump. Put the cover back on the spa & wait until spring. In the spring you need to fill the spa to see if it will still hold water. If so, power up the spa to make sure the pump(s) and heater all still work. To prevent the spa pump from getting an airlock, you need to fill it by putting the hose down into the filter tank compartment (the hole at the bottom). If all seems good you got lucky. If not call your local spa repair person(s).

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