swimrite heat pump

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swimrite heat pump

I have a swimrite heat pump by Peregine (now out of business). It was installed in our house when we bought it. I am using it for the first time and I am getting what looks like an error message, the digital display is showing F5. Anyone know what that means? Also, I have a hayward pool pump that is on a timer. When the pump shuts off, the heater continues to run. It will run all night if I do not manually shut it off. When the pump is off, it flashes FLO. Is this normal? is it ok to run it like this? Is there anyway to have it shut off when the pump shuts off?

Does anyone know where i can get hold of a manual?
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SwimRite Manual


I have a manual. Let me know if you still need one. I'll copy
and send it.

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Swimrite Warning Codes

I have a swimrite too and I am getting a new code "HP3". The heater comes on and off and will not heat up the spa. My pool guy has been fooling around with settings, but I can't find the manual and he doesn't know what the message means either. Can anyone tell me?

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The manual says...

According to the manual the code "HP" and "HP3" mean "Low water flow in the unit or faulty high pressure control. Check water flow/backwash. The unit will show (HP3) after 3 HP faults. This will stop the unit for protection."

Hope that helps. I found this thread after my SwimRite pool heater stopped working. Everything kicks on but the heater is displaying the wrong water temp. It thinks the water in the pool is 93 degrees (and so won't kick on unless I set it to 94) Even then I don't think the compressor is starting. The manual is no help with this one.

Any thoughts?
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I would love to have you copy the manual for me.I'm having a lot of
problems with mine.My mailing address is****** thank you so much!!!!!

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I would love a copy.***************My email is **********. Thanks/

In the meantime... There is a 3 way flow valve entering the heater. It says off opposite the handle. What is the correct position for the valve to be on. Obviously I can't get it to heat the pool. Also, how long should it be before I see a rise in temperature.

I can't remember ever using the pool heater. But I am having visitors for NY and they want to go in the pool. This may be Florida but it is way to cold even for a northerer. LOL.

Thanks for helping.


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