Switching Pool timers - Help


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Switching Pool timers - Help

Hi, my sister had recently asked me to switch out their broken pool timer with a new one. The one they had was a Paragon 4014-71P and the one they had for me to replace it with was an Intermatic T101P. Now here is the problem I discovered, the old one had hook ups for four seperate wires to the box plus the ground, where as the new one has only three. Upon research I discovered that the reasoning that the original had 4 was because the box was wired for 240V. Now would think that would be an easy give away, but when I tested the voltage going to the box, it was only 120, however 120 was going to both the 1 and 4 slot.

I've never worked with 240 before, so I'm not sure if that's the way it is supposed to be. Or is this a way that it would take two 120 lines and create a 240 (at the breaker, it takes two slots, and they are connected by a hard piece so they act as one). If this is the case and the box IS getting 240, I guess I will have to tell them to get a different timer. I'm also probably gonna go into the other boxes by the pump and switch to see how they are wired to confirm anything, rand out of daylight the other day so couldn't get that.

Thanks for your help.
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T-104 is a 220 volt time clock, #1 & #3 are each a 110 volt lead this is the line side of the timer. #2 & #4 is the load of the timer. There is a ground green wire to the ground lug, no white or neutral wire is needed for this application

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