Dismantling a pump motor


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Dismantling a pump motor

Does anyone know how to pull the ends off (ie get inside) a spa pump MOTOR ? It happens to be an UltraJet 2 speed pump motor (MOD M215007403) - although probably doesnt need to be an UltraJet to help me out ?

I have removed the pump itself, and the long screws holding the two ends (or end plates) on the motor. But the ends, although now free from the motor casing will not come off the motor shaft.

Is there a press fit in there somewhere, or do I just need to apply more force - which Im reluctant to do until I know if its a press fit or not. If it isnt a press fit, its certainly tight !

Please note, Im dismantling the pump MOTOR itself not the pump. (Well two pump motors in fact ... its a long story)
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Yes on one end there is a small bearing that will need to be taken off using a puller. First there will be a plastic cooling blade I think that is also a little stubborn to work off first. Once those are off then the rest pulls out the other end. At mine did when I did mine myself. Look in my post in this forum regarding "Indoor Jetted tub pump motor" for pics I took after dismantling it.

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