locating pipes underground ??


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locating pipes underground ??

I need some advice as to locating pool lines underground, my pool is about 30 feet away and 3-4 feet above where the pump and filter is, since I'm draining it to acid wash it , I now have a chance to move the pump/filter closer to the back of the house, I can run the wiring no problems and its easy, but I can't find the pipes in the yard, I have dug about 7 test holes/trenches and no luck........

I can take a pic tomorrow in the daylight
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pictures would help me tell you were I would put the plumbing if I built the pool. Might help you locate them.
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Maybe I dont understand the question.. but if you want to dig up the lines to move them.. wouldnt you just start digging at one end or the other (where you can see the lines), and just follow them along ?

If you're going to abandon say 1/2 the length of pipe, and cut in a new chunk of pipe to the new location.. you might be able to get a contract telephone/etc line locator company to spray the line out for you. They would probably push a fishtape or similar down the line, connect a signal to it and then locate the path with a receiver.

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