Kreepy Krauly problem


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Kreepy Krauly problem

My new KK seems to be causing my pump to take in air. It works for a while but I can see that more and more air is getting into the pump basket in about 15 minutes and after a while it will stop moving. Skimmer works fine without the KK. I've checked the KK hoses for leaks and found none.

What could be causing this? Can the in-line regulator valve be adjusted ? I've lubed the o-ring. Still the same with the KK.

Pool is in-ground. Skimmer bottom has 2 holes. One is suction , the other is drain (I think).

Can someone please help.

Thks in advance.
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Typically, a skimmer will have two holes in the bottom. One is the suction, the other goes to the main pool drain. (Of course, not all are constructed this way.) Your KK should be screwed into the suction line, and the other should be plugged. If it is not then the KK will tend to remain at the main drain, but not take in air (unless it creates enough suction to see it in the skimmer.)

A unit that is taking in air is suspected of hose connections that are loose, or hoses cracked, and above the water line. But, you said to have checked that. ALL of the KK hoses should be under the water line at all times. Thoroughly check the adapter at the skimmer for suction leaks.

Also, the dive mechanism needs to be working properly and moving freely. If it is not then the KK will walk up the side of the pool and take in air when it reaches the top. Properly adjusted and mechanically sound units will never reach the top.

Observe yours from initial start up until the pump begins to cavitate and see if it is reaching the top of the water line. If not, then you likely have a suction line problem not related to your KK.

Good luck
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mdtaylor, thks for the reply.

there seems to be no leaks or cracked hoses (i've checked again). i've even teflon taped the connections to make the seal more airtight. still taking in some air. kk climbs the wall but not right to the top, it comes back down before reaching the water line.

does the hose need to be totally submerged? mine floats/skims the water. only the third that's nearest to the kk is submerged.

i've plugged the drain hole in the skimmer - seems to help a little i think (or is it just me comforting myself!!). there's still air intake. i've checked the pump area - pipes and all. doesn't seem to be leaking there.

any other suggestions?

appreciate your help


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