Looking for leak


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Looking for leak

Lets see if i can discribe this situation, I have a 18 foot round above ground pool, the problem i noticed is that there is a puddle of water on the outside of the pool around one of the vertical posts that hold the pool up (but only around the 1 post not all of them). I have also noticed about 2 days later after it was being used that the water level in my pool goes down to the point that i have to refill it to run the pump. The problem is, this only happens when someone is in the pool swimming, it sat all winter and never leaked a drop, can sit all summer if no one is in it and doesnt leak. I have checked the liner for tears, and nothing, could this just be cause of splashing or is there a leak?

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Is the puddle around where the skimmer is? It would have to be splashing or such if you are sure it does not leak when not in use.
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No it isnt near the skimmer, its on the opposite side of the skimmer, the puddle is on the ground like its almost bubbling up from underneath that vertical pole. I am pretty positive it dont do it when its not in use, it started last year, or i just noticed this last year, when we went away on vacation it never leaked, and all winter this year i never seen any water on the ground, in fact the pool cover got a little hole in it and all the rain and snow water filled the pool up to the very top of the rails. I opened it yesterday, this morning i got in it to sweep it out i dove in 1 time and sweeped it out and looked at the spot and there was water alreading forming.

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