opinions on base under new above ground


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opinions on base under new above ground

purchased a new sharkline navigator extruded aluminum aboveground (24').
this will be cut into a sloping backyard. We built new last year and "dished out" where the pool would sit. My issue is that the level was 18" too low to meet up with the upper patio. after going round/round with different opinions, i have added 30 ton of "stone dust" (1/8" and smaller") to raise the level where the pool will sit. My installer is VERY hesitant, and keeps repeating the old "i won't be responsible" phrase if it settles after installed. the stone dust has compacted very nice, and i plan on renting a plate tamper this weekend to really pound it in good, and i have already pumped 100's of gallons of water into it to get it to set up a little. just looking for other experts in the pool field with opinions before this install ... thanks alot
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Sounds like you are on the right track. Should hold up great with what you are doing.

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