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I have built-up scale (hard, white alkali) on my pool tile. What is the best and easiest way to take it off. Thank you.
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A dilute solution of muriatic acid and a stiff brush.
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Have no fear Beekay,
Dale nailed another one right on the head. Ceramic tile is virtually impervious to muriatic acid and you need only dilute it down so as not to crumble your grout joints and {I'm assuming} marcite or something close. I have acid washed literally 100s of pools for this and other reasons and nothing works {to my knowlege} as well. Muriatic acid is added regularly to the pool water anyway, and never caused me any harm. {the key word would be "dilluted"}

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I use brite white and do not have to work it---easy. I order it at 912-554-3700
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a few things to consider before using any type of acid, if your pool has colored plaster is will more than likely run off the tile and down the plaster in places leaning streaks, if the mixture is too weak it probably will not do the job, if too strong and or left on too long may etch the groute to some degree, if the calcium deposits are real bad you may want to use a putty knife first and rember don't gouge./ score the tile,

don't use a pumice stone as this will scratch the tile also some tile soaps youll can buy in pool stores will remove the glaze from the tiles,

check your water chemistry for total dissolved solids, and calcium it may be time to drain / refill or run through a water softner to bring the water back to specs.

lol steve

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