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I would like to hear from anyone who has built their own solar pool heater. How much of an area did you use in relation to your pool size and what if anything would you do differently if you did it again? I am in Ontario and have to winterize my pool yearly.

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My husband used flexible black plastic pvc, 1" i.d. and snaked it back and forth on our flat garage roof. It ran from filter to pool outlet. Low cost, low tech and it worked. Did a great job of heating water. If you don't have a flat roof nearby our friends did same thing (we stole their idea) but he built a framework, stained to match wall color to contain piping behind glass for even greater heating. (I've always felt that if he had skipped the glass for safety's sake and just painted the background black he would have still had a good enough heating unit but they had no children so weren't concerned.) Outlet water was really warm! In our climate we still had to winterize pool due to winter freezing temps and made sure that solar piping was also well drained.
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To answer your question specifically we had a 15' x 30' pool with 8' deep end. Hubby said he built solar heater like a manifold. Used 4 - 100' sections of 1" black plastic flexible tubing. Used 1" or 1-1/2" pvc. to run to black tubing. Believe friend used similar quantity as his pool was approx. the same size as ours. Unfortunately I can no longer ask him for more specifics on his. Hope this helps.

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