Calcium Build-up on Pool waterfall


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I have a rock (real rock) waterfall associated with my swimming pool. Over the years since I had it built (6 years), I've begun to notice some apparent calcium build-up (e.g. white discoloration) on several of the rocks as a result of what I perceive to be the chlorinated water running over the rocks. Any ideas how to effectively remove the build-up and restore the rocks to their original appearance?
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It does sound like calcium build-up which has nothing to do with chloronation of the water simply mineral content as you have surmised. We used a special cleaner for our pool to clean this from the edge of the pool. This same cleaner may work on the rocks. Ask your local pool supply store. They have more than likely dealt with this before and may have an answer for you. Oddly enough we never had a problem with our rock waterfall but don't know why pool cleaner wouldn't work. You might at least try it on a hidden spot to see if the cleaner does the job. Our waterfall went into a fish pool so be careful if yours does as well.

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