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A word of warning to anyone contemplating doing business with a company using web addresses,, or They do not exactly bend over backwards to ensure customer satisfaction. After placing an order 3 weeks ago, one of the two items ordered was lost by RPS/FEDEX and this company is dragging their feel real bad with absolutley NO apparent concern on when I might get my replacement item. They even expected me, the customer, to file the claim form with FEDEX.
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I had a UPS delivery once that had broken merchandise from a woodworking company. The store immediately sent a second item. I do remember being asked to contact UPS and report the breakage but somehow, the store did this for me. I learned that UPS has an agreement with the vendor, and automatically pays the store for broken merchandise for any item under $50, which mine was under $50. So that is why I got fast service from the wood store. The store knew that UPS would reimburse, so they immediately shipped a replacement product. I was very satisfied.

I guess my point is that the delivery carrier plays a larger role than you think when it comes to lost or broken packages. Your loss probably had to be approved by Fedex before the store would replace it. Otherwise the store is on the hook for the loss'es incurred by the carrier. I agree that you should not have to contact the carrier. I think the store should do that but I am not surprised to heard this is not so. If you read the small print on the shipping labels, they often ask you to contact the carrier for damaged goods.

I always prefer to use UPS for residential deliveries. My biggest problem with Fedex is that they make you sign for deliver or else you don't get the package. This is a major problem when you pay for overnight delivery, get home and find out the package is driving around town in a fedex truck because you aren't there to sign.


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