Spa heat leaves us lukewarm


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Our spa's heater runs okay, but even with the thermostat turned up to max, the water temperature is a few degrees short of our desired 102. (It used to heat that high.)
Might it be the thermostat, and if so, how can I test it?
Thank you, Cliff
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Not_Inclined: I had the same problem before and the fix was to adjust the "internal" portion of the thermostat. On my particular model the thermostat was mounted in the removable face of an electrical panel. The face plate was removed by taking out several screws. When you locate the thermostat, look for a small set screw (could be allen head) this is the calibration screw for the thermostat. You will need to turn this screw to allow for a different range of temperatures. Experiment which way to turn the screw and do not turn it too far - about 1/4 turn one way or the other should be sufficient; with the knob all the way "up" you do not want to get more than about 104 degrees or so for safety. MAKE SURE ALL POWER IS OFF TO THE SPA PRIOR TO MAKING THE INTERNAL ADJUSTMENTS.
Good luck.
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That fixed it! Getting into the thermostat box and pulling the right component out to make the adjustment was a bit tricky, but your explanation gave me the confidence.
Thanks very much!

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