Chemical Problems... Help!


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Question Chemical Problems... Help!

After 15 years of owning a Hot Springs Grande, the day came that it needed to be replaced. During that time taking care of the chemicals was a trouble free endeavor. Between the installed ozone generator, chlorine, Ph increaser and decreaser(as needed), and a periodic dose of stain and scale it was very easy to keep the water clean clear and enjoyable. Rarely did I have foaming problems, and when I did, I took that as a sign that the water had gotten to dirty so I changed it. I was routinely changing out the water every 4 months, and everything was great.

A year ago I replaced the Grande with a MasterSpas LSX850 Ö Master Spas Legend Series: Model LSX 850 Hot Tub ... Since the installation of the new tub chemicals have been a pain in the A#$. I have had to change the water 5 times over the last year do to excessive foaming problems. I think the tub itself is fine, but I do suspect the new chemical regimen is causing the problems. The dealer I bought the tub from is a strong advocate of Bromine vs Chlorine, so I have switched to using bromine tablets in a floating dispenser along with the other chemicals I previously had used. Also, this tub has an ionization system installed, and no ozone generator. Like I mentioned before, the water develops foaming problems quite quickly, and I am also getting crystals forming on the surface of the tub and some of the water jets. I never seem to be able to get the bromine level up to where it should be according to the test strip.

I understand that the foam problem comes from dissolved solids in the water. I suspect that this all is going to lead back to the bromine as being the problem. Is there simply too much bromine going into the water? I am very tempted to switch back to chlorine. I donít feel the absence of the ozone generator is much of a factor. In any case advice would be greatly appreciated.
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No expert..but personally I feel the lack of an ozone generator may indeed be the problem.

From a Spa site....."Ozone also oxidizes soap, deodorant, hair spray, cologne, makeup, perfume, body lotion, hand cream, sun tan lotion, saliva, and urine. Used in concert with your sanitizer, ozone helps kill pathogenic bacteria, germs, and viruses and helps to oxidize organic contaminants. Ozone frees up combined chlorine and bromine, thus freeing them to be continuously reused. Ozone ultimately enhances the performance of chlorine and bromine as well as alternative sanitizer systems.

Less chlorine or bromine may be needed to maintain a residual. The quality of water will be dramatically better with the combination of ozone and chlorine or bromine than with chlorine or bromine alone.

The ozone not only destroys microorganisms, it also breaks down harmful chemicals, and causes total dissolved solids to clump together for easier removal by the filter. The result is water which is cleaner, clearer, and smoother feeling to the skin."

The ozone really helps break down the stuff that causes foaming. When I had a spa with the ozonator I rarely messed with the chemicals and only changed the water once or maybe twice per year if we had any company.

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