Cal Spa Hot Tub Problem


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Cal Spa Hot Tub Problem

I have a Cal Spa built in 1998 where I'm having trouble with the power to the control board. Currently the tub is empty and I was wondering if that would cut power to the circuit board (C2000R2A) in the control panel underneath. There is 240V to the board and 120V to the transformer however no power to the integrated circuits.

If the pressure switch sensed that there wasn't any water in the tub would it cut power to the control board? I tried shorting out the leads to the switch with a paper clip but that didn't do anything.

How can I check to see if the pressure switch is good? I checked the actual switch by pressing the make and break contact with a screwdriver and it closes and shorts the normally open contacts but I'm not using the pressure to close it.

The switch is a Tri Delta pressure switch Model #3037P. I can't find that number anywhere so hopefully someone can tell me how it works. I think it's set at 1 PSI right now.

Also, I measured the resistance of the heating element and it read 11.5 ohms. Does this sound about right? It's a 240V 5500W heater.

The panel on top of the tub to adjust the temperature, light and jets doesn't eluminate so I think that's related to the power on the board.

Does anyone know where I can get a schematic of the circuit board? It's a Balboa Instrument board with the number
ELE09100090 on it. Everywhere I call they just want to sell me a new board.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I do not know Cal Spas but you might have a high limit switch in/on the heater that will kill power to the spa if it senses a temperature too hot. Powering up the spa without water could cause it to quickly overheat.

Generally powering-up a spa not filled with water is a bad idea unless you have disconnected the heater.
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An empty tub or a bad pressure switch will not disable the circuit board. There are no mechanical or resettable high limit switches.

Since you have 220V going to the board and 110V going to the transformer but no control panel functions and no automatic filtration or heating it sounds like you have a bad transformer.

The transformer operates all the low voltage coils for the relays and powers the control panel.

You can test the coils of the transformer with an ohm meter. Check the resistance through each coil and then between the coils. You could also check with a clamp-on Ammeter.

If the transformer is bolted to the box it's a pretty easy replacement.

If it's soldered to the board you may be better off getting a replacement board unless you're prepared to de-solder/re-solder a component.

You might also have a bad input power fuse especially if the tub was ever mis-wired. This fuse is typically soldered to the board and can be changed but not easily.

The circuit boards are proprietary to Cal Spas so you'll never get a schematic out of Balboa.

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Thanks, I will check the resistance of the transformer tonight.
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I checked the resistance of the transformer and the primary is 40 ohms and the secondary is 0.7 ohms.

I tried looking up the transformer for it's specs but couldn't find it. It's a Cal Tran xformer number 30274 or 30-B62467 or 30-9746. All of those numbers are on the xformer.

Can someone tell me what the resistance should be and the output voltages or where I can find a spec sheet?

Thank You
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Might trying going right to the source:

Balboa Water Group - Frequently Asked Questions

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