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Need Basic pool system education--photos included below

Need Basic pool system education--photos included below


Old 01-25-10, 09:25 PM
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Need Basic pool system education--photos included below


I just purchased a home with an in-ground pool, and was hoping someone could give tell me the basics on running the system. We're located about an hour north of Tampa, Florida, and it seems as though the pool had a heater at some point. That or someone went through the trouble of marking a breaker in the breaker box.

I have figured out how to open and clean the large filter, and understand where and what the backwash feature does. I've turned some of these other valves, but nothing seems to happen.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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Old 01-25-10, 11:08 PM
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Be happy to help, sounds like you know the basics, did you have any particular questions? Kinda hard to go through pool operation, start here - http://forum.doityourself.com/pools-...spa-water.html
Old 01-26-10, 08:17 PM
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Well, Steve, get a pool maintainance book. It'll save you time and money to have an understanding of the basics.
Also find out waht kind of sanitation this pool uses, chlorine or brominine or whatever. Reason I say is because I notice the canister mounted on the return line from the filter. That can sometimes mean brominine is used. Find out before adding chemicals as mixing the two can render them ineffective and discolor your water.

You also mention that you immediatly started playing around with valves right away.

Well the only useful thing I can tell you is about that is that the series of three pipes on the left is of course the intake to the filter. The valves are there to shut off the other two intake ports when you hook up a hose to the skimmer port to "vacuum" the bottom so you have better suction with the vacuum head and aren't just stirring stuff up. That might save some time and frustration in the future. If it's too strong then you can always open one halfway.
BTW the orange valve on the left is closed in the picture.
All that may not make sense now. But as you learn it will.

I notice that in the second picture down there is already a valve handle broken on the bybass line. Not happy unless you're breakin somethin are ya boss?
Old 01-26-10, 10:09 PM
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Thanks for the help and the link.

I managed to break half of the backwash valve, but the other was already gone. The house is a foreclosure and sat for two and a half years, probably without anyone turning the valves. Maybe it was the previous owners or maybe it was the property management. I'm glad i know what they do now. I was surprised at the mediocre vacuum signal that i was getting with the hose hooked up.

The small white filter is a bromine feeder. I'm not sure why there is an adjustment before and after it though.
Old 01-27-10, 08:33 PM
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The ball valves on the front of the pump changes where the water is drawn from, either from the main drain, the skimmer or a combination.

The valve on the outlet of the filter adjusts where the water returns to th pool.

The valve on the chlorinator (you can use chlorine or bromine, in a pool there is no reason to use bromine) is to adjust the amount sanitizer going into the pool (BTW It is plumbed incorrectly)

The ball valve is used to dump water from the pool.

By looking at the plumbing I doubt it had a heater.

There is no backwash valve on that system, it has a cartridge type filter, clean the element or put a new one in, note the start pressure and only when it goes 10 psi above that pressure, clean the element, do not soak the element in acid.

Just because it has a breaker in the panel for a heater, does not mean one was put on.

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