Hayward Pool Filter Leak Repair


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Hayward Pool Filter Leak Repair

My Hayward DE fliter dome developed a hairline crack (5 inches long) when the pool pump turns on and the vessel perssure exceeds 20psi. The crack barely weeps water but I'd guess would be getting worse fast. You can't purchase a new replacement dome but must buy a new complete unit. Mine is over 15 years old.

I used Rectorseal EP-200 epoxy putty 1/8" thick after sanding the area of the inside of the vessel dome. Then put a layer of 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200 on top of the epoxy. The
3M Marine Ahesive Sealant 5200 takes 7 days to cure so it flows for 48 hrs before it seems to set up. Both can be bought at Home Depot.

After a week of operation no leak detected. $700 saved so far ......
Though I'd share.
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Worked for me also brandy1ra...for a year, then a small leak developed in the same area so I repeated the process and it worked for another year to this date 4 December 2012. It has begun leaking again in the same spot. Haywood sensibly cautions not to let the pressure build up in the housing by having a clogged filter as that will cause the sort of cracks so often described on these blogs and how to pages. This time I found the 5200 very soft and sticky (unlike last time) though applied and cured the same as last time. Do not understand why the change so am looking for more data online and going to call 3M as well. $$$ wise this has been a tremendous savings of about $20.00 versus at least $700.00 to purchase another housing and hire replacement so Mom (whose pool is the beneficiary) and I thank you VERY MUCH!!!

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