Outdoor shower


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Outdoor shower

I'm designing an outdoor shower and want to install in about 2 weeks.

It will sit on the topside of the house. Our property is graded downward about 3 degrees from left to right when looking at the front of the house. 3 degrees is a lot

The shower needs to be on the high side because that's where entry to the house will be.

My question is, without adding a drain, is there anything I can, or should do about diverting the waste water away from the house?

I plan on installing a paver base (on top of a good 8 inch base of stone and sand). It will be directly off the back corner of the house.

Is digging a trench and burying, say, a 4" pipe leading out to the middle of the back yard going to do anything without actually accepting the direct stream of waste into it via a drain?
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Without seeingand being able to evaluate the location, it is hard to give any advice other than there needs to be a drain or proper run off to keep from showering in a puddle.

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