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Building a pad and retaining wall for a hot tub

Building a pad and retaining wall for a hot tub


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Building a pad and retaining wall for a hot tub

Ok. First off, I have never done anything like this, and live in Seattle area. I want to put a pad in for a hot tub. The ground slopes probably 20 degrees where I want to install it and drops off sharply about 4 feet after that. I figure I need to build a retaining wall, level off behind it and pour a concrete slab. I'm not sure how far down I need to go for he retaining wall and whether I need to build a wall around the slab though. I will use concrete 8x8x16 blocks for the wall.

Can I go down 2 feet and do I need to mortar the blocks I assume? Or just stagger them, put rebar in and fill with pea gravel? How much sand should go below the blocks? Will my wall need to go all 4 ways around or is 3 sufficient? Or is just the front necessary? If just the front. what would I use to form the barrier for the concrete slab? Can I use just 1 set of blocks around it? There is a small pond and stfream about 25 feet away that is another drop of 2-3 feet from the first drop.

I plan a 8 x 8 or maybe 9 x 9 slab. Should the slab be 4" or thicker? How much sand must go below the slab? And should I install drainage pipes below or in the sand? Should the holes be vertical or sideways?

Thanks for any ideas. My neighbor suggested building a deck and installing it on the deck but I am concerned about the weight and rotting of the deck materials. The tub will be about 10 fet below the main deck and will face north so there will not be a lot of sun on it much of the year.

Thanks for any dieas and suggestions.
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Hi Peddlenut,

My suggestion would be to drill piles & frame in your retaining walls with concrete. Then you can fill the inside with sand. Install rebar in 16"squares & Hilti in your rebar into the walls on the inside.then you can pour your 4" concrete slab for your hot tub inside your retaining walls.

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