help I'm not a chemist???


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Question help I'm not a chemist???

How long do you wait before addjusting the PH levels after adding muriatic acid?
I have a problem with Chlorine levels I am a new pool owner and have not been able to keep any amount of chlorine in my pool. I added super chlorinator granuals ( shock) to the pool due to foggy discolord and growing alge. The lady at the pool place advised me to purchase 4 chemicals. 1. Muriatic acid 2. shock granuals 3. black mustard algicide 4. stableizer.

I have CL tabs in a housing attached to my sand filter( regular sized tabs). I also have CL tabs in a floating device in the pool
(5 RST)... I have a 25,000 gallon in ground pool.

I vaccumed, broadcasted the shock granuals, waited an hour and then added muriatic acid. I still need to add the algicide and then the stableizer sock. how long should I wait to add the algicide. I really get confussed as to when to add PH up or down in since everytime I add a new chemical the rest are off track? any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS TO ALL
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I was told to get the black mustard algacide and follow directions on bottle( 4 oz /10,000 gallons) but it seams like 10 oz spread all around the pool is not enough to make it all the way around
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Muriatic acid is used to adjust the PH so you should test your water before adding the acid to see if it is needed. If the PH is high you add the acid to lower the PH. Let the pool filter run for at least 4 hours and test the PH level before adding more acid.
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why were you told to get black algeacide? Was it confirmed this is what you have?

You are not going to keep chlorine in the pool till stabilizeris at proper level. Add it right away.

Tell me more about the water condition, clear? Green? Cloudy? Ect.

I'm assuming you took water sample to store? What were the levels?

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