Spa relocation removal


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Spa relocation removal

I am selling my house. I have an outdoor spa situated on a wooden deck, the plumbing goes under the deck and into the basment (fairly close in proximity). What do I need to prepare/do/pay for in order to deactivate, unhook, remove, and relocate the spa to my sons house approximately 5 miles away and then in turn reinstall it in working condition?

Is this even recommended? Is this possible? What is the normal expense for a job like this? What tools do/would I need...something to lift and place on a flat-bed? Is it even worth it...the cost of purchasing a new one or the trouble of detaching, removing, and then reinstalling at a new location? Meaning, the cost of purchasing a new one and performing a fresh install with a new spa with all new equipment at the new location versus removal and reinstallation at a new location??

Anyone please respond as this is a time-sensitive question.

Thank you!
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Only you can answer most of your questions, if you know what you're doing it would ber a fairly simple process but only you can determine this. Is it worth it? That is up to you as well. No one can really estimate the cost of someone doing it as we can not see exactly what needs to be done at both locations. I would get a few estimates and go from there.
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Post Approximate Cost for doityourself versus hiring a professional??

What is the approximate cost estimate for doing myself versus hiring a professional...very, very approximate if possible...thank you!


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