Loop loc safty cover


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Loop loc safty cover

I am currently shopping around for a loop loc safety cover for my 16x32 (w/4x8 steps) in ground pool.....I plan on installing it myself but I have a couple of questions before I go any further...I live in Massachusetts and we do get quite a bit of snow in the winter, I was just wondering if I could still get away with the mesh cover as opposed to the solid cover (my concern is the weight of the snow).
Also I remember reading somewhere that you have to have "professional installation" in order to take advantage of the loop loc warranty...I know when you go to register the loop loc cover online it asks who installed the cover. If I install the cover myself does this void the warranty?

Any information would be greatly appreciated and Thank you in advance Beer 4U2
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Yes you can use either mesh or a solid cover there. There are many good covers on the market, the one you are looking at tends to cost more but you don't get more. Other covers are very comparable. Read warranty very closely as they do have many loop holes to get out of covering the warranty. Always keep snow and trash off cover as best as possible to prolong life.

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