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Hot tub not heating water, heater seems to be spent

Hot tub not heating water, heater seems to be spent


Old 09-14-10, 04:24 PM
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Hot tub not heating water, heater seems to be spent

Guys and gals, I have a 2000 Saratoge Spas Adelphi hot tub, bought it used. I noticed the temp. was not going up so I have been watching and it seems the water is not being heated. I have checked the heaterpump, it works fine, and I noticed one of the two wires supplying power to the heater was burnt at the connection and it was not connected to the connector either, so being the do it yourselfer, I attached it, checked voltage and I am getting 120V at each connection when I demand temperature rise and 120V at one connection when not demanding heat, so I know I have power, the sensor seems OK, the control panel is good and still no hot water.
So, I am draining it as I type this and I am going to remove the heater assembly and replace it. Is this as simple and as cut and dry as it appears? I mean, too simple to be true? What miffed me is that I had 3 kids in the tub the day before it crapped out, just a coincidence? I am waiting to hear from anyone here before I pay for a new heater but I think this one is going to be an easy fix, unless someone has another idea of why no heated water.
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Old 09-14-10, 05:17 PM
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Follow up........ the water flow at the heater pump jet seems to be the same as it was before the loss of heat, I checked the resistance at the two terminals on the heater assy. and it was around 20 ohms confusing me to think the heater may be fine.
Old 09-23-10, 04:01 PM
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Providing you have a 240vac heating element......

What you want to check, mainly, is that you have 240vac across the 2 wires leading out to your heater.

By you probing each wire at the output wire, with respect to ground, all you "could" be finding out is that you have one good leg of the 240 circuit. Meaning that if one of the contacts in the heater relay were bad (open), the one good leg (120) would pass through the good contact of the relay, through the heating element, and sit at the other end of the bad relay contact waiting to complete the circuit.

So, if you call for heat, and you meter across both wires that go to the element and you read:

0vac - you have a bad relay contact (not uncommon).
240vac- you have an open element (providing you have no heat nor current).

Any other reading would mean the element is grounded, but with high enough resistance not to trip the breaker...it should be on a GFI and it should trip.

Remember that reading voltage on your meter, you are measuring the difference in potential. Reading the 120 at both ends, with respect to ground, just might mean you are reading the the same phase of the 240 (120). The difference between the 2 phases of the complete circuit will be your 240.

Make sure the wires are tight on the terminal. Wiggle them on. Heat will cause them to expand and loosen.

Good luck. Be careful!

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