marin sundance spa inop


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marin sundance spa inop

i have a 2000 sundance marin tub bought used . it has been working fine then the control panel won't come on . the connection lite on circuit panel is on & there is power at all the fuses on the circuit board. have tried shutting power off & back on but still nothing. any ideas on what could be wrong or what i should check next ?
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By control panel, I would assume that you're talking about the display where you read temperature, set temperature, and turn on the pumps?

If so, that's a tough call. It could be the display and it could be the eprom. If something in the display crapped out, the eprom should still run the tub...meaning that if you have a programmed cleaning cycle every 12 hours where the pumps come on (and do they?), or you know that the last temperature set point was 102 and it is still keeping steady temperature (is it?)....if so your eprom is good and the display is fubar.

The eprom is simply inputs/outputs that run the tub. An input to the prom would be the push button on the display for a pump, and an output would be to turn the relay on to energize the pump motor. Does anything on the display work?

The display solder traces on most sundace tubs are directly tied to the eprom.

I would go with a bad display. I have gone through a couple myself. The one I took apart leaked (probably a year before it conked out) and water destroyed it. I am still playing with the other.

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