Equipotential Bonding Grid


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Equipotential Bonding Grid

Hello, this is my first post.
Last year I had a guy help us install a 14 x 28 Vinyl lined pool with Polymer walls. I had the city inspector come out and he past most of it. He said we need to add the bonding grid around the perimeter of the pool. At one time the city was saying you had to use a copper grid, now they are saying it's OK to use stainless steel. It really depends on who you talk to. After listening to pool builders, they said by using copper would defeat the purpose because the cement will eat through it.
I was doing some research and found this on Dominion's website;

"In accordance with the exception in Section 680.26(C), the equipotential bonding grid covering the entire contour of the pool is not required for vinyl lined polymer wall, fiberglass composite or other pools constructed of non-conductive materials."

I realize the final decision is really up to the city inspector, but after reading this, it looks like I don't need it?
I do have copper wire running around the perimeter of the pool and it is tied in with the pump station.

It's really confusing and like I stated before, it's like the people down at city hall have no clue what the codes are.

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Well, your inspector is as big of a dumb SOB as the one that inspected my house. He made me bond all of my plastic fan boxes. I've been an electrician for 25 years, and I've never seen, or had to do anything so f-ing ridiculous in my career. But, like you said, they are the inspector and they have final say. If you show them the code, and even something scientific like how many millions of volts it will take to have plastic's electrons to travel an inch, they will probably get pissed and and make you bond your lawn, or the tree that's 50' away! The inspector probably never pulled a wire, or bent a pipe in his life and has nothing practical to add to an aplication other than what the code book says. As a basic rule, you would bond any metal "likely to become energized".

Good luck!

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