Home made hot tub , question (s)


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Home made hot tub , question (s)

Hello . i dont know if this has been asked before .
but here i go !
I'm going to start up a project in the next month or two . I'm going to build my own hot tub .
here is what i have so far .
a complete granite floor and walls with a drain .need to seal this ( inside )
80cm high walls , sort of rectangular and will fit up to 4 people, tight.
i have a 1.6 meter high & 1 meter wide wall and on the back of this rectangular hot tub .
towards the top of this wall behind the hot tub . I have an opening that is 60cm wide 20cm high which the water inlet will act as a water fall . so basically the water will circulate from the hot tub & out into the filtration system and be pumped up and will come through this opening where there is a copper shelf ( you can say ) that the water will run over and fall back down into the pool . a waterfall effect .

i have an electric pump & heater and the sand filter for this system. but i am a bit worried of not having enough power to pump the water up the back side of this wall . say it a 2 meter vertical rise .
does anyone here know the formula for what size pump i would need in order for this to work and not to strain/ burnout my current system ?
also what is the best natural or NON toxic sealant i can use for sealing the inside of the granite tub ?

thanks in advance for any help !
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If all you need to know is the pressure to overcome the elevation difference, you need a pressure of .433 psi/ft of elevation to lift the water. This does not take into account any friction loss due to piping, or other appliances.

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